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  Prompt action, customized service, fast and smooth process. Sign up procedures done twice already, all fine. However, I never had a claim so there is no experience in this field that I could report to my friends and family.    

F. Mueller

22 Oct 2020

  All good thanks I have not claimed anything so i can't really give feed back. so far my experience has been good as what i did was just paying my insurance. I am hoping that I will have the same good experience when I claim. thanks.   

Thomas Craig Davies

11 Oct 2020

  Your service will be lot better if the company will lend car while the car is under repair. It will be extremely satisfied if you will lend a car to your customer while the insured car is under repair, even just for the type 1 insurance.   

Edwin Aure

09 Oct 2020

  I am very happy with the professional service and advice which I received from your sales people;
I think your approach to sales and advice is superb ));

Anthony Mc Elhinney

09 Oct 2020

  The Sales staff was very good and followed up with me as requested. The only time we needed tobuse your recomended car body repair shops their job was not That profissional and cost me more to redo the Job with anither car body repair shop.   

Elias Obaid

27 Aug 2020

  They are helpful on the phone but when I needed actual help with a claim there was no assistance from an English speaker so I had to struggle with someone who came to the dealership and spoke Thai and even taking my car to be repaired, garage staff speak  I dont recommend Direct Asia to international customers.   

Karen Page

27 Aug 2020

  Extremely satisfied with the service Excellent customer service   


26 Aug 2020

  fast service, easy to buy.  nothing   

Titipong Pakinsri

26 Aug 2020

  Clear English spoken and sends reminder well before renewal is due. Efficient and punctual.   

Joe McMillan

26 Aug 2020

  We have always been happy with the service and the ability to pay by credit card monthly. Although we haven’t had any claims I believe that customers who have a good no claims record should be able to pick their own repairer at no extra cost on the premiu I have been insuring both our cars as have our relatives with your company for several years we have always had good service from your company.   

Stephen Banister

26 Aug 2020

List of Customer Reviews 1 - 10 of 73 items
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