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  I'm very satisfy it's easy process with a single call.


Michael J. Baines

07 Aug 2017

  I spoke with Nuan last night. We were on the phone for over an hour while she helped my boyfriend and I correct our policy and get our payment done. Her service excelled my expectations. And she stayed on with us well after call centre closing. Phenomenal service!   

Nicole Bradshaw

03 Aug 2017

  keep up the great work!   


15 Jun 2017

  Best insurance provider in Thailand. Khun Naruman was very helpful and her English better than most other customer service reps I've ever contacted in Thailand.   

Derek Lee

06 Jun 2017

  I wish to thank Khun Narumon for patiently explaining different options available for insuring my car and the details of the policies, and for helping me choose the right kind of a policy that meets my requirements. She was very helpful yet not too pushy like some agents from other insurance brokers. She certainly deserves a lot of praise!   

Se Won Kim

18 May 2017

  Thanks to Khun Beer formplasant and efficient support and service.   

Hein Swinkels

08 May 2017

  I found everything proper time. Specially I found Mr. Tony very helpful.   

Ali Khan Russell

26 Apr 2017

  Khun Suchanun (Tai) was very professional and knowledgable. Her english communication by far the best I've experienced. I received quotes from several other brokers and many of them were so pushy which actually turned me off from buying through them. With direct asia, they give you 90 days to review and decide and they don't harrass you at all. Great job!   

Derek Lee

17 Mar 2017

  Tony was very helpful, and tried his best to get the best deal whilst giving everything I needed.   

Mr Bernard Fisher

22 Feb 2017

  The workshop that fixed my car was very fast and helpful it was taking on few days to fix . Claim handler extremely helpful     

Surapha Areerath

17 Jan 2017

List of Customer Reviews 1 - 10 of 29 items
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