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DirectAsia Thailand

DirectAsia Thailand offers car insurance under broker licensed control of Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) . Policies are written by Falcon Insurance Public Company Limited.
Direct Asia Thailand founded in 2013 as expansion of DirectAsia Group, which was started in Singapore in 2010. The group is part of Hiscox, a worldwide insurance company found in 1901.

We put customers at the heart of business

With a vision to chang the face of insurance, we give the greatest customer's satisfaction and the best value. We believe in treating our customers like friends and family

Best Price Car Insurance

For every safe drivers

  •  If you find cheaper,we pay the difference*
  •  Your Choice of Repair Provider
  •  Free Petrol voucher! Limited amount only*
  •  0% instalments
  •  30 Minutes Guarantee

*Buyer should have an understanding in the details of coverage and conditions every time before making a decision to purchase insurance.

Car Insurance from DirectAsia



With the flexible car insurance cover, you can enhance your cover and optional benefits.



The best price – the more carefully you drive, the less you pay.



Repair your car at a service provide you can trust, nationwide.

Why We're So Affordable?

You can get the best price because we give you direct control over your cover by adjusting the cost of bail bond, enhancing the optional benefits or naming the driver. Moreover, Safe drivers are rewarded with lower premiums.

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Multi-Award Winning Brand Throughout Southeast Asia



9 Awards of The Best Agent/Supervisor/Manager of the year

5 Awards of The Excellence and Honorable Mention of the Best Contact Centre Professional

Online Car Insurance from DirectAsia

Best Price Guarantee*

For safe drivers. If you find cheaper,
we pay the difference.

Instalment Payment at 0%*
Interest Guarantee

if using a Credit or Debit Card
for 10 months.

30 Minutes Guarantee*

If we’re not at the accident scene in 30 mins, Free 1,000 Baht Petrol Voucher.

Your Choice of Repair Provider*

Repair your car at a service provide you can trust, nationwide.

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