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If you are a safe driver, we offer you the best price.

Customize to pay less and only pay for the cover you need.

Our preferred drivers.


1. Age

between 20 - 70 years old

History of Insurance

2. Insurance records

Less than 2 at fault accidents
in the last 12 months

We cover all private use cars but cannot cover the following:

Cars for Commerce

Cars for commercial purposes such as delivery or for hire.

Public transport

Public cars such as Taxi, Minibus.




Supercar and/or cars valued over 10 million Baht

Best Price Car Insurance

For every safe drivers

  •  Your Choice of Repair Provider
  •  Get free petrol e-voucher* (limited offer)
  •  0% instalments
  •  30 Minutes Guarantee*

*See terms and conditions

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