Ways to save

Lower insurance costs

Customise your policy

With our optional benefits, we offer the ability for you to add up the cover you need including choice of garage, bail bond, personal accident coverage and medical expenses ( excess of compulsory insurance limit ).

Choose to pay for the damage first

Select a Policy Excess

If you are a safe driver who does not claim too often, this is a great way to save big on your policy.

The driver's name

Choose a Named Driver Plan

Name everyone who will drive your car. When you name the drivers you get a lower price. There's more risk with flexible driver plans so they're more expensive.

Do not cover decorations


We only cover the accessories that originally came with the car at day one and added by the maker or distributor of the car.

Cars older than less coverage

Lower Cover for Older Cars

If you drive an older car with low value, it might make sense to take out Type 2+ or Type 3+ insurance, instead of comprehensive Type 1.

Bye insurance website or phone

Talk to us

Call us for advice on premium saving tips.


We guarantee for the best service with the best price.

3 Easy Steps to buying car online insurance

  • 1

    Fill to your car detail.

  • 2

    Adjust options of your policy based on your needs.

  • 3

    Pay with your credit card or debit card.

* Buyer should have an understanding in the details of coverage and conditions every time before making a decision to purchase insurance.

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