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If you are a safe driver, we offer you the best price.

Customize to pay less and only pay for the cover you need.

Our preferred drivers.


1. Age

between 20 - 70 years old

Experienced motorists

3. Driving Experiences

- Hold a driver’s license for more than 2 years
- Driver’s license has never been suspended or cancelled in the last 5 years.

History of Insurance

2. Insurance records

Less than 2 at fault accidents
in the last 12 months

For driver other

4. Additional Drivers

Must be the person authorized by car owner /policy holder and limited number of drivers according to chosen driving plan.

- Details of driver plans -


5. We cover nearly all occupations. Those that we do not cover are below:

Foreign military

Personnel of foreign armed forces

Entertainment Professional

Professionals who are involved with the entertainment industry

Professional athletes

Professional sportsmen or sportswomen

Foreign diplomats

Foreign diplomats and foreign diplomatic staff

Driving instructor

Driving instructors requiring business use

We cover all private use cars but cannot cover the following:

Cars for Commerce

Cars for commercial purposes such as delivery or for hire.

Public transport

Public cars such as Taxi, Minibus.




Supercar and/or cars valued over 10 million Baht

Best Price Car Insurance

For every safe drivers

  •  Your Choice of Repair Provider
  •  Free Petrol voucher! Limited amount only*
  •  0% instalments
  •  30 Minutes Guarantee*

*Buyer should have an understanding in the details of coverage and conditions every time before making a decision to purchase insurance.

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