Compulsory, Preliminary Compensation without proof of fault - DirectAsia Thailand

Preliminary Compensation (without proof of fault)

Coverage Sum Insured
Medical feeMedical Expenses

Up to 30,000 Baht/person

Death or permanent disabilityDeath or permanent disability

Up to 35,000 Baht

Coverage when proven not at fault

Coverage Sum Insured
medical fee Medical Expense

Excess of 30,000 Baht

Up to 80,000 Baht

permanent disability Death or permanent disability

Excess of 35,000 Baht

Up to 300,000 Baht

Compensation Daily Daily compensation

Up to 20 days

Up to 200 Baht/day and Up to 4,000 Baht/Accident

accident Per accident

Up to 304,000 Baht/Person

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