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Direct Asia Thailand awarded the winner of "MY FAVOURITE WORKSHOP 2016" Round 3 to send off the end of the year!

Published: 24 Jan 2017


        Direct Asia Thailand, the first online car insurance in Thailand, has presented "MY FAVOURITE WORKSHOP 2016" campaign and continuously run the campaign three times throughout the year 2016. The campaign is a creative campaign highlighting service standard enhancement at the national level encouraging through garages throughout Thailand in a form of a contest on the most satisfied services determined by the customers. Round 3 received good collaboration from the approved garages or workshops across the country and the overall feedback of the campaign reflects great achievement of Direct Asia Thailand this year.

        In this regard Mr. Edip Okur, the Chief Executive Officer of Direct Asia Thailand, together with Mr. Sitthiwat Promyotin, Claim Customer Service Manager, Ms. Chonthicha Sangpan, Head of Marketing presented the award of the "MY FAVOURITE WORKSHOP 2016" Round 3 to Mr. Warapan Singhaprasertkool, The President of JS Yont Service 2011 to guarantee the excellence in quality of repair, quality of service, and speed of repair at JS Yont Service 2011 recently.


        Mr. Edip Okur, the Chief Executive Officer of Direct Asia Thailand revealed that "Direct Asia Thailand has ongoing commitment to uplifting the service standards of garages or workshops throughout the country to be equivalent to the international level – either by quality of repair, quality of service, campaigns, and privileges over the long run. Our campaign "MY FAVOURITE WORKSHOP 2016” is a good example of an incredible success for not only Direct Asia Thailand but also for our alliance - the garages or the workshops across the country who value customer satisfaction and agreed to be monitored. The campaign helps guarantee the prospect of service satisfaction and inspires alternative ways for high standard development in the future along with creating new experiences for the customers.

        Direct Asia Thailand appreciates great supports from all of the garages or the workshops and the customers of Direct Asia Thailand who have made a significant contribution in the accomplishment of the campaign and share a stake in the development of car insurance industry. We look ahead to continue the campaign to benchmarking the service standard that values customers' gain at the forefront to underline that Direct Asia Thailand is the first online car insurance in Thailand who considers benefits of the customers as the priority," Mr. Edip emphasized.

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