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DirectAsia is delighting Thai Drivers once again with its new campaign "Happy Monday with DirectAsia"

Published: 19 Sep 2016


DirectAsia Thailand once again launched of new incredible campaigns. After the successful start of the year with the launch of Guaranteed Choice of Workshop nationwide followed by the Garage Awards, the brand now stands among of the top ten leader car insurance brands in Thailand. This outcome came from its passion in creating a new benchmark, enhancing the corporate sustainability, and establishing a long-term relationship with both the customers and the garage/service centers across the country.


Miss Chonthicha Sangpan, Marketing Director of DirectAsia (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed that we shape the brand by focusing mainly on the needs of consumers and project customers as the center of the business who will most benefit. From the beginning of the year that we were the first who introduced the ground breaking campaign that open for customers to have power to get repair at workshop of their choice anywhere across Thailand, we have pushed the brand up to the top ten leading car insurance providers by the first half of the year as planned. In the third and fourth quarters, we are still thrilled our commitment to the industry value but this time we aim to extend more value to Thai people in a wide circle by investing huge budget in delivering varieties of surprises to turn a boring atmosphere of Monday road to be a happier one in "Happy Monday with DirectAsia”. We co-created this campaign with BEC TERO Entertainment Plc. and pilot the fun by boosting the crowd with VDO clips before surprising them with packs of special activities every Monday until the end of the year along with special promotions especially for DirectAsia customers as well as fun activities at #happymondaywithDirectAsia. Be sure you do not miss a chance to smile with Happy Monday together with the whole country on Monday 19 September.

We begin the first episode with the appearance of famous buddies "Tuk – Boriboon Chanrueng" and "Pong – Kapol Thongplub" including the guests who have created plenty of smiles through social media at the moment like "Else Tan Aichai and Believe", Tuk’s wife and his lovely daughter who will bring you a light-hearted moment.

DirectAsia Thailand once again launched of new interesting campaigns. This time with light-hearted VDO Series. First Episode features very famous actor and family man Khun Tuk Boriboon and his friend Pong Kapol, on a mission to pick up with his daughter and wife who has been away from him

Followed by the famous sisters from Thailand’s Got Talent Khun Chompoo and Khun Tub Tim to battle with the legendary girl group “Triumph Kingdom” Bow and Joyce. This journey is never boring.

The latest EP3 features the popular DJs from Virgin Hitz Radio, DJ Job and DJ Best on a mission to pick up their guest for the morning show. Guess who’s coming !


Miss Chonthicha explained the origin of the campaign that "Yellow is Monday’s color, Yellow is our brand color, Yellow is a symbol of a bright start. Unfortunately, in Thailand Mondays is the days we suffered most from traffic and Bangkok is finally hits the world no. 1 worst traffic at the moment. Since we cannot run away from this problem, DirectAsia would like to make them a little happier with various kinds of surprises that DirectAsia has prepared for you until the end of the year. We are sure that everyone will jump for joy and this pleasure will paint every Monday of yours as a lovely day." For an overview of our long-term goals, DirectAsia targets to serve up to 500,000 motorists and gained accumulated insurance premium value of 5,000 Million Baht by 2020 under a new platform of expanding the customer base to other types of auto insurance that will be seen in the fourth Quarter, Miss Chonthicha Sangpan said.


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