Car Insurance Policy Management

Policy Change Questions

What if I need to make changes to my personal details?

You will also be able to change your personal details, your particulars, including contact information please call our customer service centre hotline at 02-767-7777 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm and Saturday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm or email us at [email protected]


Can I make changes to my cover?

Contact us to request a change to your cover. Please give us 7 days' notice for the change to be effective. Or call our customer service centre hotline at 02-767-7777 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm and Saturday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm or email us at [email protected]


Can I switch type of insurance midway through the policy period?

You cannot switch in the middle of the policy year. You can do this after the policy has lapsed, at renewal time.


Can my policy be canceled if I did not declare all information while buying my policy?

Yes. If you do not fully and faithfully tell us everything you know or could reasonably be expected to know that is relevant to our decision to give you the insurance, you may receive no benefit from your policy. The insurer reserves the right to issue you with a minimum of 30 days’ notice in writing that your policy will be cancelled from the date of that notice.


Can I cancel my policy?

You can cancel this policy at any time by giving us notice in writing. The cancellation will take effect from the date that we receive the cancellation notice on behalf of the insurers or the date specified in the notice whichever is later. The refund premium will be calculated according to the short rate table shown in the policy wording document. There is no additional cancellation fee.


Renewal Questions

How do I renew my Policy?

We make it easy for you to renew your policy. We will send you a renewal notice around 60 days before your policy expires. Simply call and we’ll renew your policy in minutes. 


Is it possible my renewal premium can increase?

This should not happen often, but it is possible. There are a number of factors involved in pricing premiums. Firstly, there may be an increase in claims for your car make and model, which will lead to higher premiums. The higher price may also be driven by high inflation. For example, increased repair costs, legal fees and medical costs means increased insurance premiums to keep up with these costs in general.


I haven't made any claims so why is my renewal premium higher?

If the overall claims experience is bad that year then insurance companies will have to increase their premiums for all motorists irrespective of whether you have made a claim or not. But if you have a clean driving record your premium will still be lower than those with accident claims.


Is it possible that my renewal premium increases even though my sum insured has decreased?

Yes, it is possible under certain circumstances. There are many things taken into consideration when calculating premiums including accident history and driver profile. The market value of the car is not considered to be a direct risk factor because it does not influence the claims received from third parties for property damage and injuries. Also, repair cost for motor vehicles continues to increase therefore impacting insurance premiums.


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