24 hour accident hotline

DirectAsia aims to make your car insurance claim as simple as possible.

1. Assist and give you advice

When you phone us, we are here to help you and view assign a surveyor to reach the accident scene within 30 minutes*. (Guarantee 1,000 Baht applies only in Bangkok and Mueang District of every province across Thailand)

2. 24/7 Accident Towing

If you have a car accident and you cannot move your car, we pay for the towing service charge (not exceeding 20% of the total repair expenses).

3. Choose from over 900 repair shops

- Click here to search dealers/garages.

- Repair your car at a service provide you can trust, nationwide.

4. Let our support team help you

Our support team is hear for your convenience.

5. Keep you updated

We will follow up and update you as your claim progresses.

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What to do when an accident happens

Vehicle Collision

You should contact us and take photographs or video of the scene, gather and exchange some information from the other drivers as following: Car license plate number, Names, Driving license number or other identification numbers, Address, Phone number, Insurance details

Windscreen or Window Breakage

Contact our call center for advice. If your properties lost, please report the police. We will repair your car by comming to your place, if you are in Bangkok.

Broken mirror

Vehicle collision without third party

Call us for coordinating with your preferred garage. You'll need to submit the relevant documents.

No parties

Other Cases

Contact Call Center.

Injured or death

Injured or dead

If someone is injured or there has been a fatal accident, please do not attempt to move the injured person or the vehicles. Call 1554 or 191 first then call us. You need to report an accident to the police in order to get a copy of the police report and medical report to support your claim.

Fire / Natural disaster

Fire/ Natural Disaster

Get far away from it. Your safety comes first. Call 199 for the fire brigade if you are in the Bangkok metropolitan region or 1193 if you are outside of Bangkok, then go to police station. In case of flood, do not try to start your car.

Hit and Run

Hit and Run

Gather evidences both photographs and VDO for reporting to the police.

Car damaged

Lost car

Report immediately to 1192 so that they can investigate and try to find the car

What to Do

In different situations, you may need to take certain steps and collect specific information. We've listed some tips below to help you understand the dos and don'ts when it comes to car accidents.

You Need Repairs at a garage.

One of our panel garages will repair your car. Click here to search dealers/garages.

screw car
You Need a Tow

If you need a tow, call the claim hotline at 02-767-7788 so we can arrange for an approved service provider to tow your vehicle. Do not use any other tow-truck operators or touts as this will delay your claim.

pick up car

If someone is injured or there has been a fatal accident, please do not attempt to move the injured person or the vehicles. Call 191 first then call us. We will send someone out immediately to help you.

paper police
Reporting to the police

You will need to report the accident to the police if someone is injured, if a hit-and-run occurs, or if a government vehicle/property, foreign vehicle, or pedestrian/cyclist is involved.

car bump
You Need To Report An Accident

You must report an accident without delay. Even if you are not claiming on your own insurance or even when there is no damage. If you do not notify, your No Claim Bonus (NCB) will be affected.

screw square
There's Damage to Windscreen or Window

Call us at 02-767-7788, our approved garages will repair the damaged windscreen or window of your car.

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