Best Price Guarantee for safe driver

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.


Meanings: In these Terms & Conditions, these particular expressions have the following meanings:
- OIC means Thailand’s Office of Insurance Commission.
- Policy Holder means the owner of insured car.
- Save Driver means
    1. be main driver
    2. be at least 30 years old but not over 70 years old.
    3. have no any accident in last 1 year.
    4. have previous year No Claim Bonus discount at least 30% or higher.
    5. be a resident of Thailand.
-  Main Driver means driver who majority uses the insured car
*Main Driver could be Policy Holder

2.Criteria to match with Best Price Guarantee

2.1 Quotation must be applied
2.1.1 both Direct Asia new business and renewal business.
2.1.2 Car usage only for private use or private use & commuting to work.
2.1.3 Only for Value Plan or Value Plus Plan.
2.1.4 To Match with same car age, car make and model, and car accessories installed (If any).
2.1.5 To Match with same No Claim Bonus discount.
2.1.6 To Match with same car value or sum insured.
2.1.7 To Match with same period of coverage.
2.1.8 To Match with same type of coverage as 1, 2+, 2, 3+ or 3.
2.1.9 To Match with same limit of main coverage as Third party bodily and Third party property damage.
2.1.10 To Match with same limit of optional; Medical expenses, Personal Accident  and Bail Bond.
2.1.11 To Match with same deductible.
2.1.12 To Match with same option of workshop.
2.2 Price or Premium
2.2.1 Must be strictly based on OIC (Office of Insurance Commission) tariff rating.
2.2.2 Maximum BPG Claim amount is not over THB 20,000.-

3.Official quotation for Best Price Guarantee claim must be:

3.1 both new official quotations or renewal notices that are issued by  Insurance Company or Insurance Brokers or Insurance Agents who have a valid license and register with OIC.
3.2 contained as following information:
3.2.1 Insurer’s or Broker’s or Agent’s name and address.
3.2.2 Broker’s license number or Agent’s license number
3.2.3 Signature of authorized person.
3.2.4 Details of driver, car and coverage.
3.3 Official quotation date must be less than 60 days from date of Best Price Guarantee claim.*

4.Working procedure to process Best Price Guarantee claim

4.1 Customer must submit an official quotation or renewal notice within 30 days from inception date (policy effective date).*
4.2 Official quotations or renewal notices will be verified by Direct Asia (Thailand) underwriter within 3 working days.

5.Changes in Terms and Conditions

Direct Asia (Thailand) reserves the right to limit, modify, amend or cancel the program without prior notice. Any changes will be shown in these Terms and Conditions on and will be effective immediately unless stated otherwise. A notice that a change has been made will be placed on the website for a reasonable period of time.

6.Applicable Law

The use of this program and construing of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by all applicable laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.
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